To everyone watching Globally Stream Final Show of Fujii Kaze “HELP EVER ARENA TOUR”

2021.11.29(月) 10:11 -

MUSIC/SLASH is a video streaming service with Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools to protect against copyright infringement. Due to the DRM copy protection function, it is not possible to watch and listen outside of the operating environment.

In addition, since MUSIC/SLASH is a fully real-time live video streaming service, there is no rewind function or archived videos.


Furthermore, in order to protect the rights of artists, MUSIC/SLASH firmly prohibits making audio recordings, video recordings, or photographs/films of content regardless of the method (including photographing/filming MUSIC/SLASH’s streamed video on a different device), nor do we allow actions such as uploading such content to video sites or social media. If any such activities are detected to be illegal, please note that we will immediately take legal action and we may take measures to prevent you from purchasing tickets in the future.

Check out the show’s starting times for each region below:

U.S. (East Coast): Sunday, Nov. 28, 10 p.m.
U.S. (West Coast): Sunday, Nov. 28, 7 p.m.
Indonesia: Monday, Nov. 29, 7 p.m.
Taiwan: Monday, Nov. 29, 8 p.m.
South Korea: Monday, Nov. 29, 9 p.m.



* As MUSIC/SLASH is a live streaming service, there is no rewind function or archive.



【Operating environments】

[Mac] OS: Mac OS 10.13.x or above / Browser: latest version of Safari

[iOS] OS: iOS 13 / Browser: latest version of Safari

OS:iOS 14 or above / App: MUSIC/SLASH PLAYER

[Windows] OS: Windows 10 / Browser: latest version of Google Chrome

[Android] OS: Android 9 or above / Browser: latest version of Google Chrome

[Fire TV Stick] Browser: Silk


OS and browsers other than the target environments (including browsers in other apps) are not supported.

*If your PC’s CPU and memory specs are not sufficient, smooth playback may not be possible.

*For Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Stick (3rd generation) and Fire TV Stick 4K are supported.

*Connection via analog output (VGA, DVI port, etc.) or connection via an external device (TV, conversion adapter, DVI port, etc.) incompatible with HDCP will activate the copy protection function and cannot be used.

*When using wired external output from Apple devices, only official Apple conversion adapters are supported.

*When using Apple TV, only Apple TV 4K can be used.

*We cannot guarantee operation in other environments.



【Network environment】

・It is recommended to maintain a download connection speed of at least 15 Mbps at all times to watch and listen to content.

・Please check your connection speed through the Google internet speed test at the following URL:

*There may be internet congestion on days or times with many users, or in areas with many users, so the connection speed may decrease. Please check the speed in the same time period as the streaming time.

・Please avoid using wireless connections for watching and listening to content, as the network environment can easily be insufficient in places where there are obstacles between your device and the Wi-Fi router.

・When you are watching and viewing content, the connection speed may decrease depending on the use of other apps or the use of other devices sharing the Wi-Fi connection.

・*Please note that people who cannot view videos using Wi-Fi will need to pay the fee for an internet connection that meets the requirements for using MUSIC/SLASH.



【Viewing procedure】

  1. Open a browser with the required operating environment.
  2. Copy the viewing URL.

Streaming date: Viewing URL will be posted in the email sent from eplus at around 2 p.m. JP time,

two days before the stream  *Not necessary for users of the iOS app.

  1. Paste the viewing URL into your browser’s address bar to access the page.

*If the message “Please use the following browsers for MUSIC/SLASH” is displayed, your browser is not supported, so please use a supported OS and browser for your operating environment.

*If it is displayed on a Fire TV Stick, please switch from “Desktop site” to “Default site.”

*When you click on the URL, another browser set as the default for your device may be opened.

  1. Enter your ticket number and password and click “Log in.”

*If you are using the iOS app, please enter the information in the app.

  1. Click the “Play” button.


*Please note that although the audiovisual test checks for the minimum requirements, we cannot fully guarantee the operation during the actual live streaming.

【If you are unable to watch and listen to content】
If you are unable to watch and listen to content, the following causes are possible. Please be sure to try the following for the audiovisual test before purchasing a ticket.
・Please check if you can watch and listen to content on just a device not connected to external equipment, or if you can watch on either device if you have multiple devices. If you wish to output to a TV or monitor, please try connecting to a device for which you have confirmed watching and listening.
・Please make sure that your browser matches the operating environment.

*If you are accessing the site by clicking on the URL from a mail app, it may open the in-app browser that is different from the operating environment.

・Close all apps except the viewing browser.
・Close all tabs except for the viewing browser.
・Reload (refresh) the viewing browser.
・Clear the browser’s cache (history).
・Restart your device.

・If you are using the iOS app, close the app and log in again.
・Depending on your connection speed and device specs, you may not be able to watch and listen correctly. We recommend a download speed of at least 15 Mbps and memory of at least 8 GB.

・Make sure that there is no malfunction or damage to the device or software. We cannot guarantee operation in environments other than those supported.

・If you are using Windows or Android, try setting the quality (gear mark) in the lower right corner of the viewing screen to MID or LOW.
・If you are using a Bluetooth device, the audio may be delayed depending on the device.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at the following address.

Hours (Japan time): Weekdays 11:00 a.m. – 6 p.m.

In order for us to respond to your inquiry accurately, please include the OS and version of your device, the browser you are using, the manufacturer of your device, the device you are connecting to externally, and details on the issues.

Please note that it may take a few business days for us to reply to your inquiry.

【Receiving tickets】
・The URL, ticket number, and password necessary to watch and listen to the content will be sent from eplus around 2 p.m. JP time, two days before the stream. Please make sure you can receive emails from the domain “” in advance.

・You can log in from one hour before the start of streaming. You will not be able to log in before that time.